The A to Z of SEO and Digital Marketing for Roofing Contractors and Companies

If you’re a roofing contractor in the USA, you already know you have stiff competition. With expertise in roofing ranging just as the weather does, it’s more important than ever that your work is found when anyone searches for a local roofing company. What you really need is a roofing SEO company!

You’ve built the good reputation, you’ve done the quality jobs, and you have a strong link to your immediate community. And 20 years ago, this would have been sufficient. But in the digital age, even a roofing company needs to adapt to the new way that people search for things, i.e. digitally.

What you really need to get ahead is a solid marketing plan. One that focuses on the strength of your roofing company. And a sure-shot way to do that is a dedicated roofing SEO campaign. Easier said than done though, isn’t it?

That’s where we, an experienced roofing PPC and roofing SEO services agency, come in.

Launching an SEO campaign, or any digital campaign for that matter isn’t easy. Search engines like Google take a lot of factors into consideration when ranking sites. But with tried and tested marketing strategies that have worked wonders for other roofing small businesses, you can rest assured, we know what we’re doing.

Let’s dive into this one step at a time. And we’ll start with:

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What is SEO?

There’s a reason why the yellow pages are no longer a thing. That’s because whenever you need something, you now type it into Goggle. While Google may be the new yellow pages, the order in which businesses show up is very different to what it used to be. The order in which the search results show up depends on how relevant Google thinks the site is in comparison to what is typed into the search field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of convincing Google, or any other search engine, why your website is the most relevant in a particular search field, i.e. Roofing services, Roofing contractors, Roofing businesses, etc.

The relevancy of each search is determined by what the tech and digital gurus would call web crawlers. These crawlers read, categorize, and grade content faster than it took you to read this sentence. Much, much faster.

SEO is a continuous and constantly evolving process. Instead of just creating and placing ads, SEO looks to understand your audience, and accordingly craft content that potential customers

might deem valuable. To successfully break into the top 10, you’ll need an SEO agency for your roofing business. One that will ensure that all the right elements are in the right place for when the crawlers arrive!

While it may seem easy enough, it involves hours of research and tailored content to succeed. And though it may be slow, it’s something that will see very real, and very measurable results.

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The Importance of SEO for Roofing Contractors

What if Van Gogh’s Starry Night was never found? And what if Shakespeare’s works never saw the light of day? The point is no one will really know you’re a master at what you do unless they find you. So no matter how awesome your shiny new website looks, it won’t really matter unless people see it.

By working with an SEO company with specific expertise in home improvement and roofing companies, you can get more for your marketing dollars. Think more website visits and better leads. The SEO agency will analyze the strengths of your roofing business and develop a link-building and content strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

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The Importance of Local SEO and GBM for Roofing Companies

For a small business trying to break through the clutter of the internet, there’s little that’s more important than showing up on the search results for those looking for your services locally. Local SEO and Google My Business (GMB) are key factors in achieving this. In a nutshell, GMB is a free marketing tool that allows businesses to control the way their business listing shows up on a Google search. It displays your business name, contact information, address, hours of operation, and your website link. Everything that’s needed for a fresh lead.

Here’s what we can do for your roofing business:

  • Geotag your images and videos

  • Focus on local keywords that are relevant to your business

  • Create dedicated service pages

  • Create dedicated location-based pages for targeted locations

  • Add additional listings on other platforms

  • Moderate reviews and responses

Building a Roofing SEO Strategy

seo for roofing companies

If for some reason you thought this was going to be quick, easy, and painless, you’d have one out of three right. Because while the process isn’t quick or easy, we’ll make sure that it is painless!

There are two sides to SEO. What happens on your own site, and what happens outside it. Simply put, these two are called On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

As a roofing company, your main goal is to get more customers. What’s on your website will highly influence the final decision of a visitor. But it’s what get’s the visitor to your website that is equally important.

On-page SEO checklist for Roofers:

  • Keywords and metadata

  • Content and header structure

  • Page load time

  • Link/URL structure

  • Mobile/Tab responsive designs

  • User-friendly site architecture

  • SSL securities

Off-page SEO checklist for Roofers

  • Link building

  • Social media

  • Tracking and analytics

roofing seo - Ranking factors

Ranking factors that impact Roofer SEO

Search engines take several things into consideration when ranking businesses. If the first page is where you want to be, eliminating or addressing the factors that can impact a good rank should be a top priority for you as a roofing contractor.

1. Keywords

It might be tempting to throw a wide net for all the keywords that rank for your Roofing business, but don’t. The more focused you are, the better your chances are getting it right. A Roofing SEO agency should also recommend placing anchor keywords in strategic places on your website. And don’t forget, keyword stuffing is a thing of the past. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t use it! The last thing you want is to be faulted for something that was supposed to help.

2. Internal links

Linking one page to another page within your site is a great way to reduce the bounce rate on a website. Bounce rate is basically the rate at which visitors exit a website after looking at just one page. Publication houses like Buzzfeed notoriously exhibit this, with internal linking so well entwined that one can spend hours on the site! Bottom line is, the longer someone sticks around, the more likely they are to make a decision.

3. External links

Think of it as a celebrity retweeting your tweet. If something from your site appears on a high-ranking (or authoritative) site, the legitimacy of your own website increases a whole lot. Guest blogging is your go-to for this one.

4. Security

Have you ever really entered a site when Google warns you that it might not be safe? Your first instinct is to back away. That’s not what you want for new visitors to your website. Getting the right kind of SSL securities should be a tick in the box. Always.

5. Page load speed

Two words for you: attention span. Oh, also Google kind of frowns at slow loading speeds. So.

6. Social Media

Social media marketing for roofers is basically a digital lookbook. It’s a highlight reel of what you do and what you stand for. It also greatly improves your credibility. And that’s what rankings are all about anyway.

roofing seo company

Building a Roofing SEO Strategy in 30 Days

We know you probably saw the headline and dashed straight here, and if you were expecting something that would churn results in 30 days, we hate to be the bearer of bad news. SEO is something that takes time. And 30 days is not good enough. What we can do for you, however, is help you increase your leads by 8X in as little as 7 months! First, let’s get the foundation right:


The first step of a partnership between a Roofing company and their SEO and PPC agency is understanding the objective and setting SMART goals. In doing so, both parties are in the know of what’s happening at any given time.


SEO isn’t just pulling keywords out of a hat and throwing them into your content. It’s planning, strategizing, and most importantly, researching. With competitor analysis and audience focus, you can work towards getting quality leads.


Once we’ve nailed the blueprint, it comes down to executing it. And if it hasn’t been said enough already, consistency is key! With dedication and expert focus, our SEO experts will take your Roofing company to the next level. The next level being the first page of Google!

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How SEO Can Help Your Roofing Company Get More Leads

SEO is all about understanding Google’s algorithms in order to meet its quality standards in the hope of reaching its first page. 92% of all visitors decide on businesses that show up on the first page. So to say that the first page of Google is a coveted spot would be an understatement.

When you reach the first page, you’re in direct view of thousands of prospects. With this steady organic (read as free!) flow of visitors, it’s all comes down to one question - how soon can you close a deal?

Of course, you have the option to take on SEO by yourself or choose an SEO agency with experience with Roofing companies. And while we might have a slightly biased opinion, we think you should choose the latter. After all, if our roof was leaking, we’d go with the experts too!

Tips for roofing seo company

Top Tips to Better Your Roofing Company’s SEO

  1. Optimize your website content with metadata and alt tags

  2. Add new and relevant content to your site regularly

  3. Add your contact information and location to the homepage

  4. Make your site visually appealing with videos and images of your services

  5. Highlight customer testimonials

  6. Build a site with responsive design

  7. Get all necessary security certifications

SEO and ppc for roofers

Here’s what SocioSquares, a Roofing SEO and PPC agency, can offer your Roofing business:

1. SEO Audits Specific to Small Businesses

We know that 92% of people will choose a service they find on the first page of Google. So the first step to getting there is to check the basics. Did you know that Google’s crawlers can’t read images? That’s why you need a bit of text hidden behind the image that lets the crawler know what the image is.

It’s things like that, and a whole lot of other jargoney sounding words like metadata and site maps that our roofing SEO experts will look into. If it’s not there, they’ll put it on their list. If it is, they’ll look into how they can make it better!

2. Expert SEO Marketing Services for Roofing Contractors

SEO comes down to relevant content. And with experience in the field, we know the kind of content that works. We’ll help you reach a wider market for homeowners searching for roofing services on the internet. By strategizing, designing, and executing a cracker Roofing SEO campaign, we’ll make you a force to be reckoned with in the roofing industry.

Ready To Take On SEO With an Expert Roofing SEO Agency?

roofing seo services from SEO agencies

As a Roofing SEO agency, SocioSquares has the human resources with the experience and expertise to boost your online presence. So if you’re looking to increase your website traffic, rank better on Google and get more leads that actually convert, you’re in the right place.

After decades in the industry and with years spent perfecting our strategies, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know because even in the ever-evolving world of SEO, our experts evolve too. We know it, and soon, you will too.

Because at the end of the day, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can see for yourself with the work we’ve done for other roofing companies. And because we learn and get better. With every client we face, you’ll see your leads soar!

If you still need convincing, check out what our clients have to say about us!

“A creative team that communicates really well! With their help, we are growing our social media presence!”

Andrea Hill 
Marketing Manager, 1877FloorGuy

“Rav and SocioSquares team did a great job of setting up and getting our google account for advertising up and running smoothly. It is very easy and the response from customers was terrific. If you need this type of service, please be sure to contact Rav.”

Denis McDonald 
President, Fiber Clean

“The team at SocioSquares has been a pleasure to work with. Their enthusiasm and fresh ideas are exactly what we needed to increase our presence on social media.”

Angela Henry 
VP Operations, 1877FloorGuy

For more on why SocioSquares should be the Roofing SEO agency you choose, get in touch with us today

Ready To Take On SEO With an Expert Roofing SEO Agency Contact SocioSquares to Learn More about SEO For Your Roofing Company?

SEO for roofing contractors by Roofing SEO agency

As a Roofing business owner, you know how to build and fix a roof. Well, as Roofing SEO experts, we know how to get you quality leads so you can do just that! 

SocioSquares is a full-service digital marketing firm with a focus on Roofing and other businesses in the Home Improvement sector. We provide SEO for roofing companies, HVAC companies, and other contractor led businesses. 

Besides SEO services, we cover the entire spectrum of digital services, including PPC, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Responsive Website design and development, lead generation, and a whole lot more! 

With a proven track record, we will increase website traffic, establish brand credibility, and help you convert visitors to your site to customers. So don’t think of our services as an expense. 

Think of it as your digital investment. Because when it comes to ROI, SEO is something you can calculate and measure. Your business’s bottom line might even see it before you do! 

Any small business owner will know that the main objective is to grow and be known. In many ways, SEO checks all the boxes. And while larger organizations may have the marketing dollars to spend, small businesses need to be more careful with how they spend them. If there was one service you need to focus on for your Roofing business, we recommend an experienced SEO and PPC agency.

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We are your digital marketing partner who’s got you covered,
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There’s one thing that our small, yet determined team is focused on: growth. Because when your business grows, so do we. Having started SocioSquares with three people and a dream, the now 70 strong team churns out quality work that yields measurable results. Over the years, we’ve worked with several companies in several sectors, but our unique expertise makes us the best digital fit for home improvement and HVAC businesses. We said it. Because it’s true!

The Digital Expertise You Need

From painters to roofers. From plumbing geniuses to siding specialists. From tilers to electricians. And everything in between. If you’re in the home improvement business, we’re the digital partners you’ve been waiting for. Partners who’ve got creativity hardwired into their DNA. Partners who are committed to one goal only: the success of your business.

Web Design and SEO

If you dream it, we’ll make it. An all-star team of writers, designers, and developers are waiting to make your web dreams a reality. And because our SEO team knows that page two is where websites go to die, they’ll super-power yours with increased visibility, authority, visitors, customers, promoters, supporters. You know, the whole deal.

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Performance Marketing

Paid marketing is so much more than just spending a few bucks and grabbing some eyeballs. It’s strategizing, planning, and optimizing your campaigns. All with one express purpose: to get your home improvement business the best, most relevant audience out there. This is what sets us apart. And it’s what will set you apart, too.

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Social Media

Social media is our playground. It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s where our minds thrive. It’s where we tell brand stories. It’s where experiences are created and memories are born. And it’s time your home improvement business had its own beautiful story told.

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